Executive Transport

Restaurants ** Dining Out ** Night Out ** Classic or Modern Car Hire

Arrange to have Executive Transport pick you up from your place and take you to the restaurant of your choice in New Plymouth, Hawera, Stratford or Taranaki wide.

Your pickup for the return home or other chosen destination can be at a pre-arranged time or you or the restaurant staff will phone us while you enjoy a coffee or dessert, or maybe you are spending the evening at a friend’s place and don’t want to drive to and from.

Return trip discounted
  for details see our Special Rates


Dinner and Show Vehicle Hire

Treat yourself and your partner to a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant, arriving in the elegant sophistication of an Executive Transport BMW.

Be picked up and chauffeur driven to the show in executive style. After the show you can be picked up at a pre-arranged time or when you phone.

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